Zojirushi Thermo Mug Bottle "Tuff Mug" and Teabag Gyokuro "Maiko-san"

Zojirushi Thermo Mug Bottle "Tuff Mug" and Teabag Gyokuro "Maiko-san"

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There are various kinds of thermo bottles sold all over the world.
We at Maiko Tea were looking for one that was easy to carry along and kept the temperature of the liquid for as long as possible. We found this 'magic bottle' called the "Tuff Mug" (stainless steel mug bottle) that is produced by the Zojirushi company.

This '"Tuff Mug" does not attract condensed water and is safe to
carry it in your luggage with other delicate items. The stainless steel bottle does not change its temperature quickly.

On hot days you may fill it with cold tea and some ice cubes. When you open it you are able to enjoy the cold refreshing beverage you
poured into it just as cold and delicious as it was meant to be.

Furthermore, "Tuff Mug" is exceptionally easy to clean and you will have no problem keeping it sanitary. Just open the lid and you will see: its very smooth interior was made with fast and simple cleaning in mind. Enjoy!

Special features of the Zojirushi stainless bottle
Due to its vacuum structure the stainless "Tuff Mug" keeps the temperature of your hot or cold beverage amazingly well and your drink will be just the right temperature when you open the mug.

with flourine coating
without flourine coating
Ice cubes in the mug will not melt for a very long time.
with flourine coating
without flourine coating
Very compact - easy to carry along

With newly developed technology the width of the vacuum structure has been further reduced from 2 mm to 1 mm. The bottle now is slimmer and lighter than other products of this kind. There for it is also a good bottle for children to carry in their lunch bags.
Always sanitary and wards off stains and unpleasant odors

The wide opening and the perfectly smooth design makes the exterior and interior of the bottle very easy to clean.
We filled the "Tuff Mug" with tea every day and used it for three months. Even with a gentle cleaning using a sponge and a dab of detergent the remains came off very easily.

Please note: do not leave the "Tuff Mug" in water.


Product data:
Stainless vacuum mug bottle
0.36 litre
above 87 degrees ( 1 hr )
above 71 degrees ( 6 hrs )
inner vessel:
stainless steel, flourine coating
outer vessel:
stainless steel, acryl color
< Instructions for usage>
* do not place next to open fire!
* fasten lid tightly
* do not fill to the top
( leave room for the lid )
* don't insert dry ice
* do not fill with soft drinks that contain
carbonic acid
product of Zojirushi Mahobin
Address:1-20-5 Tenma Kita-ku Osaka Japan
The bottle will keep the temperature for about 1 to 6 hours according to the difference between internal and ambient temperature.

How to use the "Tuff Mug"
Insert tea bag
Insert ice cubes
Insert water
Close the lid and finsihed! Open the lid and enjoy!
Fill the "Tuff Mug" with ice cubes.
Prepare tea in a tea pot; 1/5 stronger than usual.
Pour the tea into the "Tuff Mug" filled with ice.
Close lid and you are finished! Open the lid and enjoy!
* On cold days you can enjoy hot tea without ice cubes.

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